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13 days ago

Executive Director of Human Resources and Student Services

Administrative Assistant and Benefits Coordinator

Melanie Horton
(864) 403-2022

Payroll Administrator
Sherry Martin
(864) 403-2040

Dyslexia Training Modules and Information

Substitute Program

13 days ago

Substitute teachers help maintain our students' academic progress through their commitment to quality teaching and learning. In the absence of the regular classroom teacher, they make a difference in our schools. Substituting offers many benefits to include: a flexible schedule, summers off, participation in professional development, free admittance into most school events, and participation in S.C. Retirement System.

Application Requirements
Applicants interested in substituting must complete the following application requirements before being placed on the substitute list:

  • Substitute Application (Download)
  • Three Professional References
  • Consent for Criminal Background Check (Download)
  • Declaration of Employment/Letter of Reasonable Assurance Form (Download)
  • Substitute Training

Stewards of Children On-line Training

Anderson School District Four is committed to protecting children from sexual abuse.  The Board of Trustees adopted the district's Child Protection Plan on April 13, 2009, which includes guidelines for educating employees on ways to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child abuse.  The District’s Child Protection Plan and Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Policies will be shared with all adults working with children.  

Stewards of Children training

On-line or face-to-face training will be required for all employees. Training for substitutes will be scheduled through the Human Resources Office.

Training and Orientation
Each school year, Anderson Four holds a series of substitute training sessions.  Training include two 4-hour sessions.   Certified teachers are not required to complete the substitute training.  In addition, proof of substitute training from another South Carolina school district may be considered in lieu of participating in Anderson Four's substitute training.   All applicants must participate in Stewards of Children training.

Salary Information
All substitutes are required to complete an absence form on the day that substituting occurs.  Forms are available in the front office.  It is suggested that substitutes keep a personal calendar identifying the teacher and date for which you subbed.

Payment for each month will be remitted on the 10th of the following month.  Paychecks will be mailed directly to the home address one day prior to payday.

Anderson Four Substitute Pay Rates

  • High School Diploma: $65
  • College Degree: $65
  • Nurses:  $120
  • Certified Long-Term in a Certified Position: $120
  • Non-Certified Long-Term in a Certified Position: $75

All approved substitutes for Anderson Four's substitute list receive a substitute card.  This card is to be carried while substituting and allows the individual issued the card free admittance into most school events.