ENGAGE South Carolina

2 years ago

ASD4 is Now Part of ENGAGE South Carolina

Anderson School District 4 is now a part of the SC Department of Education's ENGAGE South Carolina Attendance Recovery Program. ENGAGE South Carolina assists districts in supporting students and families who disengaged or are struggling to make learning work during this challenging time. This program builds connections that result in improved attendance, engagement, and academic success. Through ENGAGE South Carolina, students in grades K-12 who may be experiencing struggles adapting to new learning schedules and environments will be able to access the support they need to be successful.

The program starts with a multi-modal outreach strategy designed to reach eligible students and families via phone, mail, text message, US mail, and social media. Once re-connected, students are given the opportunity to work with a dedicated coach through the end of the school year. The coach helps to identify and mitigate the barriers to student engagement, helps the student learn the skills necessary to succeed in a new learning environment (whether it is in-person or virtual), and provides the support the student needs to stay engaged, helping them continue their educational journey and progress toward graduation. As we work toward the ultimate goal of a full and safe re-opening of our schools, this program will help students stay on track for continued success.

Any face to face student or virtual learning student may participate. There are many reasons why a student might be disengaged right now — and, as data shows, even those who were successful in their classes before the public health crisis may be struggling. The following students qualify to participate in the ENGAGE South Carolina program. Students who are in grade K-12 and who:

  • did not engage in their school's in-person or remote education offerings in Spring or Fall 2020;
  • are chronically absent; or
  • are in danger of failing one or more classes; or
  • are McKinney Vento eligible or are in foster care; or
  • students whose families have requested additional support.

Each school district in the state has been alloted a number of "seats" based on the district's total enrollment. Students may be referred to the program by a teacher or guidance counselor, or parents may self-refer. If a student receives assistance through a self-referral, it does not take away from the "seats" allotted to our district. A parent flyer can be found here in English and Spanish.

The parent self-referral form can be found here:
ENGAGE SC Parent Form